Tuesday, April 3, 2012


why do we always wish to spend our time doing things that are a waste, things that are poisoning us from the inside out? its like we are all a completely masochistic society. if its not a sexual thing its everything else that surrounds us, its everyday life that tortures us. burdens that will forever weigh us down. we as a whole race are consistently faced with our demons and responsibilities everyday. but we seek salvage within people, depending on them to take away our pain, but then in all actuality the people that we depend on the most, the people in which we place so much love and trust in are the ones who defy and hurt us more than anyone or anything else. we stay with these people, because being completely self sufficient terrifies us, being alone is petrifying. society instills in us this whole belief that dependency on yourself alone is psychotic, that if you isolate yourself you are a paranoid depressive, but then again we are all classified into some kind of disorder or disease just for having typically normal human responses to stimuli. what is so wrong with only relying on yourself for things? i mean pay attention to something real quick, depending on others to make YOURSELF happy is moronic, but if you rely on YOURSELF to make YOU happy it just makes literary sense. which holds some value i believe. depending on another person for your own happiness does nothing but make you weaker and more vulnerable. i'm not saying that i am big and bad and that i am never at any point at the mercy of other people because of my vulnerability, its a human sacrifice that we make. which is all pretty fucking masochistic. i am sacrificing my dignity and making it potentially harmful to myself emotionally just to open up to another person and for what, to make a relationship stronger? to get something off of my chest? learn to deal with your own problems, it makes you stronger. if you can't make yourself happy then no one else truly can. it may seem that way but what happens when they are gone? or they move on and don't need you anymore? you get tossed away like garbage and have lost all sense of stability and trust within the human race AND you have to relearn how to be self sufficient, live on without them. its a vicious cycle. i'm not being overtly pessimistic and trying to bash any and all people who believe in love. all that i am trying to convey is that being with someone should just be a bonus, and added greatness to your life. not the sole source of it. people who live to be in a relationship with someone else are almost always disappointed and heart broken in the end because they will soon come to realize that people come and go but you will always be there. i know some of you like to believe that the person you are with is the one and only person for you, but statistics show they aren't. prepare yourself. you cannot always believe that your circumstance is the exception, most of the time you are the rule.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Where did all the good people go?

Recently I've come to realize just how rare it is to find someone who isn't bullshitting you about something. The cruel truth of the matter is that honesty is a dying trait. People will lie and plot just to get what they want out of you no matter who it is. Don't get all holier-than-thou on me because you're a liar too. Be real. Everyone's intentions are selfish, its human nature. To be frank I believe that a little bit of lying is necessary in the world we live in (which honestly makes me wretch that this is what it's come to). To get anywhere in life you have to lie and sneak your way ahead of the pack. Not because our society openly condones it, but because if you don't the jack ass next to you will and you lose out on an opportunity. It just doesn't pay to be ethical or honest anymore. You have a disadvantage nowadays if you abide by your morals because it's such a scarcity to find someone who won't bend and break their own to get what they want. I want to instill in at least ONE person the thought that being true to yourself and to others is far more advantageous than being wicked and deceitful to receive instant gratification. Why doesn't anyone want to work for anything anymore? Why is being real work? Why is it to hard to just say what you mean, and do what you say? I'm so fucking fed up with the mask that everyone has one. I feel like I'm the only one with the blind fold off, and it's fucking ugly out here. Does anyone miss being able to trust what someone has to say to you? I sure do. I don't think I've heard the honest to goodness truth in years... Someone save me.